14 San Francisco Salons for Rad Color

That Kool-Aid dye job you tried when you were 13 gave you a taste of what awesome hair color could be, and left you thirsty for more. Then you grew up. You prioritized being pretty. And you left your rainbow locks behind. It’s time to bring them back.

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New Year Hair Inspiration From S.F.’s Top Salons

At this point, you’ve probably got a solid grasp on your 2015 resolutions and are already pounding ’em out. But, while giving up chocolate and taking up yoga are a great place to start, nothing changes your whole look quite like a new haircut. If you’re flirting with the idea of getting a lob or you just want to add some sexy waves to your routine, we feel you.
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Behind The Scenes At A HOT S.F. Salon

We have to be honest — our hair has never been happier than when it’s in the hands of Michelle Fiona. The talented stylist and now business owner has mad tress game and considers many a celeb (even everyone’s favorite coiff icon Zooey Deschanel) among her impressive client list. And, since packing up from NYC and moving West (back to her home turf, S.F), she’s opened up the game-changing Barrow Salon in FiDi. This spot is truly a cut above the rest, from its gaggle of stylists all the way down to its hard-to-find, ahead-of-the-curve products (oh hi,R+Co!).

So, we ventured to the salon to talk shop and style with Michelle and gang — and, while we were visiting, scored some seriously hot styling insight. If you fancy some sick lock inspiration, you’ve come the right place.

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Eight San Francisco Salons for the Perfect Summer Haircut

Barrow Salon: Another salon with fashion roots and focus is this relative newcomer on the border of FiDi and Union Square. Founder and stylist Michelle Snyder was criss-crossing the nation to cut and style hair for fashion magazines (and her celebrity clients) for years before returning to her SF roots to open her salon. These days, her schedule is packed, and booking ahead is obligatory. But fear not if you can’t get under her shears soon enough because resident stylist Shelly Cross knows more than a thing or two about styling locks (she’s also a regular at fashion shoots). Cuts at Barrow range from $85 to $135.

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9 New Get-Glam Spots In S.F.

It’s not every day you get a celebrity hair stylist-turned-salon owner to post up in S.F. While Barrow Salon opened up last May, the new-ish tress venue is quickly becoming one of the city’s premiere salons. And, we can see why: Owner Michelle Synder (also known as Michelle Fiona) has built a solid reputation cutting and styling for Amanda Peet, Karen Elson, and Zooey Deschanel (dream bangs, anyone?). Barrow Salon (named after the West Village street) brought her big-city intel and talent back to her hometown, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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Best Sexy Layers: Michelle Snyder at Barrow

When we want to make a change without sacrificing length (we’re so loyal to our long hair, even a split-end trim is scary), we book an appointment with the celebrity stylist at her chic FiDi salon. Skilled in the art of messy, boho waves and rounded bangs, Snyder snips our hair to appear magically longer, healthier, and more voluminous. Cuts are $130.

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San Francisco: Haircuts and Hair Color

What we were after: To hide our grays with a color close to our brown base (we’re not into regular salon visits).
What we got: A warm chocolaty shade that McCarthy broke up with threads of hazelnut. She paid close attention to the way our curls fell and made sure the highlights were perfect before rinsing—even though it meant staying after the salon had closed.
Bottom line: It’s the first time our color has looked natural and complemented our curls.

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10 S.F. Spots For Getting Glam This Holiday Season

If the holiday madness has you pulling your hair out, it might just be time to seek professional help. That’s right, it’s time for tress therapy. Thanks to the chic yet cozy salon Barrow, getting a new ‘do just got that much cooler. A newcomer to the S.F. hair scene, the salon is quickly gaining faithful followers and soaking up some well-deserved recognition. It uses Oribe professional products exclusively and prides itself on the customer experience, offering made-to-order coffee in the library-inspired reception area, and even serving a signature cocktail on the weekends. Whether it’s a drastic chop, or a subtle change of hue, the talented team at Barrow will cure your hairstyle blues and create a new look that’s sure to turn heads.

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