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NYLON’s long-haired ladies go under the scissors [...] - Barrow Salon

NYLON’s long-haired ladies go under the scissors […]

People talk about the break-up haircut, right? Well, this haircut is pre-break-up haircut! I swear—when I was in college and my boyfriend and I broke up, I got this exact haircut about a month before, and this time, this haircut preceded a break-up. In any case, four years ago, I chopped my hair off like a boy, and then grew it out till it was SUPER LONG. Looking for the same sort of fix, I went to Michele Fiona at Bumble and Bumble and it was love at first sight—she RULES! She used to work at a salon called Cowboys and Angels (which is the coolest name, by the way), and now she cuts the hair of tons of awesome musicians including the Citizen’s Band. Back to the haircut, we decided to just take off a little, a nice trim, but being as compulsive as I am, I went home and cut it more myself a few days later! Oh! Did I mention that I haven’t let anyone beside myself cut my hair in seven years? So, uh yeah, this was a big deal.

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